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Restoration Wiring Harness Reviews

4.4/5 Average
All of these reviews were submitted by real harness users.


Just about 75% finished installing this harness. Excellent quality and easy to follow directions since all wires are labeled. Installed on a 1976 Chevrolet El Camino that had a major wiring problem. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of replacing a harness on an older vehicle. Great quality and excellent price.

I'm Buying Another

I ordered the harness for my 54 Chevy station wagon it came in with everything you need and is so simple to install. I plan on purchasing another one for 60 Chevy pickup due to the quality and simplicity of this product.

Best Investment Yet

This harness is easy to install, even for someone who has never done a restoration before. This restoration has given my ride a whole new look. Before my lights were dim and alot of things didnt even work. This harness made all the difference. Thanks

Rewire 66 El Camino

My first complete rewire. Very good quality materials, detailed instructions & every thing worked perfect first time. I was always afraid of wiring a car, but this kit made it very simple. I would recommend it to anyone. There were plenty of circuits left to add anything you could want to add later. My car has hei, aod, aftermarket gauges, heat and air, stereo, fans, MADE IN USA.

56 Fairalne installation

The product is great and affordable. This was my first go at this type of project. My biggest problem was going from a 'no' fuse system to a fused system. My mind set was my problem. End result is great.

Excellent Product

Very well thought out harness, more wire than you will need. I especially like the coil wire on/off switch. Excellent directions. Highly recommended. Very good price. I already bought 2 and I'll be back for more.

Top Notch High Quality

I have looked for a complete harness for my 66 ford pickup for some time. I was nervous ordering this one as the price seemed too good to be true. It is half the price of competitors I looked at and top quality components. I know I made the right choice.

Great Package

This is an all-encompassing unit with every wire imaginable, even more than I needed. It was a little overwhelming at first as the instructions are not always applicable, but after laying the system out, and thinking through it, it's all there, complete and does the job.

Chop Top Shoebox

Having been a wrench for 50 years, most guys are not fond of electrics. I'm no different. I can hardly wait to start this wiring project. I looked this kit over, good looking as far as quality, and having the wires pre marked is the only way to go. I don't know why anyone would not want to go with this kit. Great looking product that was well packed. Good job guys.

Comes With Instructions

This is the first and only harness i have purchased, otherwise I may have given it 5 stars. It comes exactly as advertised. The instruction manual is well done. The reason I went with this kit is because they pointed out the soldering of the fuse block connections. No other company is stating this, even if they are doing it. This just arrived today and I believe it will be pretty easy to install. It is going in a 55 studebaker pickup that has all factory wiring gutted.

1973 Mustang Mach 1

This harness was very NICE Quality, came with easy to follow instructions, all wires were printed where they go, very easy to install on my 1973 Mustang, everything works perfect!!! Thanks Street Rod Electronics and Kwik Wire for all your help!!!

Way Too Easy

If you can read simple directions then you can install this kit. The most time consuming part of the whole operation is soldering your ends up. The whole thing took me about 14 hours and is by far the cleanest and easiest wiring I have ever done. This is also the best bang for your buck. Excellent product I will definitely use it again.

Best of the Best

I have built several cars over the years using several different brand of wiring harnesses. I will be using Street Rod Electrics from now on. The quality, thickness, legible identification of each wire etc. is 2nd to none.

1954 F100 Wiring Replacement

The 14 circuit product comes down to a straight forward easy to follow installation process that if done correctly will last another 60 years and provide a safe and functional truck for daily or show use. GOOD TO KNOW: if you do run into issues, SRE team will answer your questions and keep your project moving and headed for success.

Great Value and Quality

This wiring system was easy to install and well labeled. Some basic wiring skills are needed but overall a great product for the price.

Great Product

This is a great website, questions were answered promptly, the prices are very reasonable and delivery was prompt. The harness I ordered is well made and laid out with great directions that will make it easy to install. Best of all it is made in the USA!!!

1963 Ford Galaxie

Great product - made simple for those who may not fully understand automotive wiring.